Less than 80 kms west of Kathmandu along the Prithvi Highway en route to Pokhara, Chitwan and Bandipur, is a small riverside village poised on bedrock 30 metres above a sharp bend in the Trisuli River.


Foot-trails from the north converge to cross the river by the busy 160m trail-bridge to reach the road-head of this colourful little bazaar.

Nearby, through a wild garden, stands a wonderful Banyan. To us it’s simply The BIG FIG. 50 or more aerial roots nurture this huge tree of legendary age. Visitors are awe-struck by its gigantic yet gentle size, its sheer beauty and its powerful karma.

The new dimension here, energising the community, creating jobs, restoring forlorn buildings into simple cafés and shops and driving civic pride, has two bright themes.

For this is the employment-creating ‘whitewater’ base of The Trisuli Centre – so well-placed for one-day and over-night rafting, with the Tented Camp of Big Fig Beach on the far bank. It is also where volunteers guide and help motivate The Trisuli Young Leaders’ Club.

The riverside ambiance and the facilities of The Trisuli Centre are part of rafting the Trisuli (only) with Rural Heritage; comfortable beds in the spacious tents, delicious food and great atmosphere. Also, people travelling this highway privately with Rural Heritage stop here at The Trisuli Centre to discover its special up-beat sense of confidence and its belief in its future.


The Trisuli Centre
Bishaltar, Dhading

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