Services offered are extensive and the exceptional standard has been a benchmark since the company’s incorporation in 2001 with our roots dating back to 1980.

Comfort should not usually be seen as an end in itself here in Nepal, and yet the arrangements for accommodation and in-country travel are the very best of their type. And whatever the category and trip style you select, your personal well-being, both physical and material as well as intellectual and spiritual, is of our primary concern.

Whether you want to do it your way or allow us to show you the way, be it in a group or with your near & dear ones or with other like-minded individuals, you’ve all the flexibility with us. Simply put – it will be as you like it and we sure will spice it up a notch or two

Yet that is far from the whole picture; for Rural Heritage is steeped in the traditions, the heritage, the culture, the values, the beliefs of the people of Nepal. This reality is our everyday life.

We can also truthfully speak of real commitment to carbon-neutral policies within Nepal, to real evidence of ‘responsible tourism’, sustainable practices and what we describe as ‘Tourism in the Community and the Community in Tourism’.

However all that is a bit of a mouthful, so we best describe our core functions as:
– operation and development of small scale hospitality settlements in rural areas of Nepal, currently, but not limited to in the future, The Old Inn in Bandipur, The Famous Farm in Nuwakot, The Trisuli Centre tented camps by Trisuli river in Bandare.
– catering to FIT, small group customized and highly personalized trips which are focused on unique, heritage accommodation facilities and special interest activities (the likes of but not limited to treks, rafting, mountain biking, yoga trips, wildlife tours, school trips, project works, incentive tours, corporate team building trips) in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and the Indian Himalayas.



Even today Nepal is not a place of cities. It is, for the most part, a place of farms and villages and small towns and of distinctly different pastoral scenes defined by altitude and location. And if this has been the case for centuries, then it is no wonder that rural life is steeped in tradition, custom and ancient ways.

These can now so easily be lost, for here there is no longer a time-warp in which they might survive. And yet renewal needs positive preservation born of a new dimension. And it is finding this dimension while honoring ancestral values that drive our Rural Heritage projects.

There are two sides to this: on the one hand informed ideas concerning a community’s inclusive participation, with its reasoning and its returns, and on the other, our focus on using material and practical traditional skills – instead of the modern ‘quick- fix’.

Thus there is a renovation and rebuild, breathing life back into empty and tired but wonderful buildings – or the ruins of them. And so it follows there is the uplift, the new green shoots, of a small community rediscovering its self-worth. It is simply summarised as ‘tourism in the community – the community in tourism’ and in this synergy, it is natural for a community not just to see but to be an active contributor in the rejuvenation. Here are three places which put into practice this new dimension:


Preserving Nepal’s rich, cultural heritage and ensuring that tourism has a positive impact on the lives of the local people lies at the heart of everything that we do. It always has and always will. The people of Nepal are the “jewel in the crown” of this beautiful, welcoming country. Support Rural Nepal is our private initiative to ensure that their lives can be enriched.

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